No. 384

World Bank fears 4-degree warmer planet

The World Bank has warned global temperatures could rise by four degrees Celsius this century without immediate action, with potentially devastating consequences for coastal cities and the poor.

Issuing a call for action, the World Bank tied the future wealth of the planet - and especially developing regions - to immediate efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions from sources such as energy production.

"The time is very, very short. The world has to tackle the problem of climate change more aggressively," World Bank president Jim Yong Kim said on a conference call as he launched a report conducted for the global lender.

"We will never end poverty if we don't tackle climate change.

"It is one of the single biggest challenges to social justice today."

The study said the planet could warm four degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels as early as the 2060s if government promises to fight climate change are not met.

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